Masters who have obtained the QC (Qualifying Certificate) may enter Masters Beach events only.

Masters age groups are as follows: 30-34 yrs, 35-39 yrs, 40-44 yrs, 45-49 yrs, 50-54 yrs, 55-59 yrs, 60-64 yrs and 65 yrs and older.

Masters Team Events

  • Masters Team events in Board relay, Ski relay, Taplin and beach relay are made up of 3 competitiors in the following age categories: 110 yrs and plus, 130 yrs and plus, 150 yrs and plus, 170 yrs and plus and 200 yrs and plus.
  • Team Events for board rescue, double ski and mixed double ski-the age category is determined by the age of the youngest competitor.
  • Team
Masters Ladies
Masters on "duty"!
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