Nipper Competitions/Carnivals 

Nippers are eligible to compete in Carnivals if they pass the requried Nipper Exam appropriate to their age group:  U9-U10 Level 1
                                                                        U11-U12 Level 2
                                                                        U13 -U14 Level 3

Nippers compete in U9-U14 for individual events and in U10, U12, U14 for team events.

Events are divided into beach events and water events.

  • Beach events include: Flags; Sprints; Beach run, beach relay

  • Water events include: Board(not U10,U11); Bodyboard(only U10,U11); Surf swim; Iron Nipper(only U13, U14); Board relay; Body board relay; Team Surf swim

  • Taplin relay: Team made up of a runner, swimmer, board

What to do at Carnivals

There are usually three carnivals per season at various venues as well as the Western Province Championships Carnival and a National Nipper Carnival which includes an Inter Provincial carnival.The National Nipper Championships are held at on a rotational basis at venues around the coast.

  1. Fish Hoek Nippers will have a designated area where all parents and children will congregate (preferably in age groups).

  2. All children must wear the correct Fish Hoek Nipper uniform.  A basket for each age group's clothes will be supplied in their arena. Compulsory uniforms consist of a club skull cap and a club swimsuit and must be worn for all Nipper events. A hat, windbreaker, T-shirt, shorts (or skipants for girls) and a second skin are optional.

  3. There are individual as well as team events but they will vary depending on the Competition Officer and surf conditions.

  4.  A notice board with the programme will be erected.  Remember that events may change due to surf conditions.

  5. Only the starter judge will give instructions  about courses.

  6.  Parents must liaise with coaches at all times about their children's whereabouts.

  7. N.B. No parent or non-competing children are allowed in the competition area at any time.

  8. All Nippers have to be registered on the day of the Carnival; therefore, you must be there before 07:30. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the individual and any team they have been selected for. 

    Announce your arrival to your age group coach and/or recorder.

 Team Selection

Team selection criteria

  1. Past results at carnivals
  2. Past results during practices
  3. Expected beach/sea conditions
  4. Availability
  5. Attendance at practices
  6. Current performance

Once teams have been selected, they will be displayed on our notice board before the carnival.

Each team is selected by the relevant age group coaches and then appoved by the Head Coach and Nipper Officer.

A team usually consists of four and could be mixed male and female.

The number of teams could be limited depending on the carnival programme.

 Parents Survival Kit for Carnivals

There is no need to pack the kitchen sink because everything has to carried to the beach and then back to the car again! Each Nipper is different so the list below is a guideline!

  • Chair and easy tent/umbrella (wind dependant of course!)
  • Lots of sunblock and a sunhat and warm clothes depending on the weather!
  • A "wet" box for wetsuits, costumes etc to avoid getting them full of sand and for taking home when wet!
  • Nipper kit: Pink vest and a wetsuit (wetsuits are compulsory if the water is below 13 degrees), goggles, swim cap, plastic bags (for ease of putting on wetsuits)
  • PLEASE mark all your items of kit clearly! 
  • For chafe: baby powder, vaseline, 24hr Lady Speedstick deodorant.
  • Two towels and a hanger for wetsuits

  • Most Nippers can't eat sandwiches etc as they're too busy rushing around, so save those for after the carnival when they will be starving!
  • Snacks to consider: fruit juice, frozen water (acts as icebricks), Game, Yogisip, Steri-Stumpi, fruit and dried fruit, nuts, biltong, a few sweets for the sugar, pasta salad, meatballs, chicken strips and other finger foods. 
  • Make you own Nipper Competition Mix: peanuts and raisins, small pieces of dried fruit, Astros/Smarties, pieces of biltong.
  • An extra clothes bag kept in the car for after the carnival-it stays clean and dry!
  • Camera, book and lots of encouragement and patience!