Nippers are Lifeguards in training between the ages of 8 and 14. Nippers learn how to be safe in the sea and at the beach,  basic first aid and lifesaving skills and generally have "Fun in the Sun".

Nipper age groups are from U9-U14. Age groups are worked out according to the age of the Nipper at midnight on 30th September. 

Nippers' Code

  • Enjoy yourself!
  • Listen to, and obey, the instructions of your coach.
  • Train hard at practices.
  • Co-operate with your coach and the other Nippers.
  • Be a good sport in all of your activities.
  • Congratulate and encourage others.
  • Be alert and aware.
  • Remember the buddy system - don't ever venture into the water alone.
  • N.B. Nippers and parents remember that coaches give up their free time - let's respect their integrity and support them!

    What Being a Parent Involves

    • Encouraging your child's interest in surf lifesaving.
    • Teaching children that winning is doing their best and not just coming first.
    • Recognising the importance of the volunteer coaches.  Remember, they give their time for your child and deserve your support.
    • Remember that children learn best from example; applaud children who try their hardest.
    • Teaching children to look after the equipment and assist with putting it away.
    • Making sure your child has sun block and hat before she/he starts their activities.
    • Not using the club as a baby-sitting service!
    • Remember that children love you to watch their progress.
    • Supporting your child.  Do not pressurise her/him.
    • Ensuring your child arrives timeously for training and competitions.
    • Attending weekly meeting and free time.


Summer Training

Training takes place twice a week at the beach from the beginning of the fourth term school to the end of the first term or after Nipper Nationals.

  • Sundays from 10h30 - 12h30
  • Tuesdays from 17h15 - 18h30
  • Thursdays from 17h15 - 18h30 ( from Jan onwards )

During this time the coach is in charge of the children.  Any time outside of this is deemed as free time and the children are under the supervision of their parents.  Please ensure that the children have warm clothing to change into after training, especially on a Tuesday evening when it can get very cold.

Hot chocolate is served to all Nippers on a Tuesday evening.  Any parent wishing to help with this please contact the secretary to put your name on the roster.

Winter Fitness & Fun Training

Winter training starts after the July school holidays and ends at the end of September. Winter training takes place every Sunday morning from 10h30 to 12h30. Training takes place irrespective of weather conditions.