Micro Nippers and Starfish

  • Starfish are U6 (5 - 6 yrs) and Micro Nippers are U8 (7 - 8 yrs). 
  • All Starfish and Micro Nippers must be swim safe.
  • Training is on a Sunday from 10h30-11h30.
  • Starfish and Micro Nippers learn water safety, sea conditions, shark flag systems , bodyboarding, body surfing and dolphin diving...not to mention all the beach activities!
  •  A parent/guardian must accompany the Starfish.
  • Micro Nippers are ‘almost” Nippers from ages 7 to 8 and MUST be swim-safe. If not, mom or dad MUST accompany them. We need moms and dads to help out at practice sessions so that all levels are catered for – especially when the sea is rough
  • All Starfish and Micro-Nippers MUST wear a cap and it is advisable to have a wetsuit!
  • Parents are requested to stay on the beach – your children need your support!